Best Lord Exchange Alternatives for Indian Players

Anyone who is interested in online betting will agree to the fact that the experience is fun and exciting. With a number of platforms available, it becomes simple for the players to make the most out of the opportunities available. Nonetheless, before anything else, it is imperative to find an online betting platform that is trusted and offers the best games. So, let us start with Legal Alternatives to Lord Exchange Betting Platform.

After all, this is what will allow the users to get the best out of it. Apart from reliability, another important factor that should be considered is if the platform is legal or not. Using those that are illegal might bring issues that no player would like to experience. Platforms like Lord Exchange is one of the famous ones but since it is not legal, we do not recommend anyone to use it.

If you are someone who is interested in online betting, we have brought to you some legal alternatives to the Lord Exchange betting platform. Yes, you are reading this right.

1. BetShah

BetShah is our favourite alternative to lord exchange simply because of similar payment methods, better bonuses and safety of players.

100% First Deposit Bonus up to Rs 1 Lakh

2. 22bet

22bet is first-class online casino where everything is possible. They offer many payment options and withdrawal is very easy.

Get 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹25,000

3. Casino Days

Casinodays is one of the best among online casinos. There are more than 1000 betting games and betting options. It also has support 24/7.

2 Losses Refunded + 100% Bonus upto ₹30,0000

4. Bollybet

Bollybet casino provides a plethora of popular online casino games for Indian players to place bets.

100%  Deposit Bonus upto ₹1Lakh + 111 Free Spins

5. ComeOn

ComeOn provides unique games and betting options. Everyone will find something for their taste. The support is 24/7.

Up to ₹90,000, Min. Deposit Down to ₹200 & More!

6. Europa Casino

Europa Casino is one of the oldest trees in the forest of online casinos. It was founded in 2003, making it one of the founders of the online casino space.

Offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹7,000 + ₹1,68,000 to new players

7. Casumo

Casumo has one of the easiest withdrawal methods. There are also numerous payment methods for Indian players.

150% Casino Bonus up to ₹15,000 + ₹101 Daily for 7 days

8. Pure Casino

Pure Casino offers pure betting experience. The games are designed so they represent the games from the real life. Withdrawal is super easy.

Welcome Bonuses up to ₹20,000 and 200 free spins!

9. Genesis

Genesis brings the latest live casino games for Indian players to help them enjoy their time while playing them.

Play live casino games and get up to ₹30,000 bonus

10. CasinoDome

Casino Dome is an online casino for Indians to play live casino games, slot games, and other variety of games in a secure environment.

Get a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to ₹10,000 

Quick Facts

Licenced No
Indian Players Allowed
Payments UPI, Paytm, GPay etc.
Bonuses and Rewards Available
Safety and Security Lord Exchange is not safe
Customer Support 24*7 Support

Quick Introduction


One of the most popular betting platforms in India is Lord Exchange. According to research, the site comes with a plethora of betting games and options. In addition to this, it is a mind-blowing site when it comes to betting.

Moreover, this upi betting exchange provides users with better sports wagering terms than traditional bookies.

The site provides numerous benefits for the users including simple and hassle-free withdrawal and deposit options and an interface that does not create any inconvenience.

Whether you are experienced better or are new to the industry, this site offers an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Nevertheless, since this platform is not legal in India yet, we do not recommend it. Are you wondering why the site is not legal even though it has numerous perks to provide? Continue reading ahead.

Firstly, No matter what business you are into, having a legal license is something that should not be taken for granted. The same goes for online upi betting sites. However, it is a site that provides absolutely amazing features and benefits to the users.

But since it does not have a license, the platform is considered to be illegal in India, so you might have to think twice before using this platform.

Make sure to use a platform that has a license from a reputed organization. By any chance, if you use a platform like Lord Exchange, there are high chances that you will fall into trouble at this betting site.

Apart from this, you have to avoid illegal betting sites because they ask for personal deets. From the name, and date of birth to other details, the sites collect all the imperative information.

Using illegal platforms like Lord Exchange and giving all the details to them is not the right thing to do if you want to avoid severe inconvenience. Therefore, betting on illegal platforms like it is not recommended whatsoever.

Secondly, zero security is offered to users. Because betters have to make initial deposits before playing, it becomes mandatory to use a credit or debit card. Now because it is not legal in India, it does not offer any sort of security to the betters.

Someone could access all your confidential details, and you might end up being in a trap.

Thirdly, the owners of this online casino site are anonymous. Are you someone who wants to use a betting platform whose owners are unknown?

Do you want to take any sort of risk here? Online betting sites like Lord Exchange do not provide any security to the betters because nobody has an idea as to who the owners of this site are. No player has a guarantee as to where their money is going and whether their deets are safe or not.

The owners who are anonymous can either be frauds or might be fooling people out in some way or the other.

Henceforth, there is no point in depending on such betting sites no matter what. Seek the internet for other reliable betting platforms and select one that is apt and legal.

With that said, let us now check out the alternatives to Lord Exchange.

Does Lord Exchange have a valid Licence?


Since we have already mentioned above that Lord Exchange is not legal, this simply means that it does not has a valid license just like king exchange, sky exchange etc. Even if you opt for a Lord Exchange login, know that you might end up in a trouble. Being an illegal site simply means that there are a number of things to worry about.

Let’s say you use it for online betting. What if your payment details are leaked to a third party? Is this something you would like to experience?

Coming across a reliable, licensed, and legal betting platform in India is a tough task but not impossible. Browse the internet for some homework and we bet you will find endless options to select from. See which platform is suitable for you. Check out the services they offer, its features, etc.

Apart from this, do not forget to take a look at the reviews. The internet is filled with so many reviews both good and bad. Therefore, before selecting a betting platform, make sure to take into account all the essential factors and then make an informed decision.

Lord Exchange Contact Details: Do they respond on time?

If you are someone who has decided to opt for a Lord Exchange bet and have started to face some inconvenience, getting in touch with customer care support will be your next step. Nevertheless, when it comes to their responding time, let us tell you that it is dicey.

In order to get in touch with them, make sure to use the contact number. Apart from this, you can also use the it’s WhatsApp number.

According to our research, customer care support takes time. The total time taken depends on what problem is the player facing. If the issue is a minor one, the team does not take more time to resolve the issue.

Nevertheless, if it is a severe issue, and takes time, there are chances that it may take longer.

For now, we have mixed reviews about Lord Exchange responding on time to the players.

How safely Indian Players can play at Lord Exchange?


Lord Exchange is an online betting website that does offer a number of games to players. However, it is not legal which is why we do not recommend it to anyone.

Nonetheless, if you still decide to play with them either by visiting the website or opting for the Lord Exchange app download, nobody except you will be responsible if any issue or mishap takes place.

Instead of selecting illegal apps, we recommend you select platforms that are legal. The internet is filled with a number of apps that are not only easy to use but are also trustworthy. Such platforms will allow you to have a wonderful experience.

In addition to this, you will rest assured that things will not fall in the wrong place. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Firstly, online betting platforms ask players to make a certain amount of deposit before the gaming experience begins. Now, with legal gambling platforms, everything is safe and secure. The payment information is not shared with anyone and the procedure is smooth which is why the player is at ease.

However, with an illegal platform, you might fall into a trap. This is because you might not know if your payment information is safe. In addition to this, what if the payment method is stuck in between, and nobody else is there to sort it out?

The issues that can take place with an illegal website are umpteen.

As a responsible player, it becomes your duty to select a website that is not only reliable but also keeps the requirements of the players in mind.

Even though Lord Exchange is a wonderful platform that offers a number of games to its players, ignoring the fact that it is not legal might put you in some trouble for sure.

Our Favourite Lord Exchange Alternatives: 100% Legal


There are a number of online betting platforms that are legal. This means that there is absolutely no need to face any sort of inconvenience. What you can do is search the internet for Lord Exchange alternatives, and select one that is apt according to your prerequisites.

Are you wondering what are the legal alternatives to Lord Exchange? We have got your back.


The third platform that can be used by players for online betting is BetShah. This is a legitimate online betting site in India that also has a gambling permit. If you are someone who has been seeking a website that does not take client satisfaction for granted, this is the one for you.

BetShah follows all the rules and regulations which ensures a safe and secure journey for the players. The requirements of the players are kept in mind, and they try their level best to offer the best services to the players.

Whether it is about making secure payments or exploring the games on the website, everything is hassle-free. Therefore, think no further, and start your journey with BetShah now.


Bet with Betway because it is not just reliable but also licensed. For all those who do not know, it is basically a global online gambling platform that takes pride in providing a number of products. It is a legal platform that is owned by Super Group.

When we say that they offer numerous products, we mean everything from Betway Casino, Sportsbook, Esports, and so much more.

Also, there are many payment methods like UPI, Gpay, Paytm etc available at this site. If you think it is your cup of tea, think no more, and use this superb platform to enjoy the best online betting experience.


Another legal online betting platform is Casumo. Founded in the year 2012, it is a Maltese sportsbook and online casino provider licenced by Malta Gaming Authority.

From betting to table games, live casinos, jackpot games, slots, etc. this platform provides so much to the players.

Read about this website online, and see if this is what you are willing to use.


22bet is a European online gambling website. It was introduced in the year 2018. With the focus on offering an exciting and convenient betting experience to players all over the world, this website has managed to gain popularity among the players at all.

Since the introduction of the 22bet casino, the website has expanded across Europe and other places around the globe.

22bet online casino not only provides sports betting but is also known to offer table games, live casinos, and slots. In order to know more about 22bet, make sure to read this 22bet review ahead.

Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas is basically a mobile gaming company. It is Swedish and is a leading provider of sports betting services. In addition to this, it also provides online upi casino services to the players. Jackpots, table games, video poker, video slots, etc. are some of the games that are provided by Leo Vegas.

Feel free to read more about the platform and then decide if this is the one you are wanting to use for an online betting or casino experience. Since it is legal, we bet you won’t be disappointed.

Reasons why we recommend Alternatives to Lord Exchange

There are a number of reasons why we recommend players to go for alternatives to Lord Exchange. What possibly these reasons could be? Don’t worry because we have got you covered.

Safe and secure payment

Alternatives to this site offer safe and secure payments. Whether you are planning to deposit an amount or withdraw it, everything happens in a blink of an eye. There is absolutely nothing to worry about because the payment details are not shared with anyone.

Every single detail is kept private and the player can start his/her journey without thinking twice. Your personal data is safe and secure as all these are SSL Encrypted sites. This is one of the best parts about Lord Exchange alternatives. Let the platforms handle everything for you while your journey begins.

Personal Information

Isn’t it safe to play with a platform that keeps all the information of a player safe? It’s is a big turn-on, right? Alternatives to Lord Exchange make sure that all the information of a player is in safe hands.

Whether it is your identification proof or something else, players can stay at ease because safety is the major priority. From bank details to personal information, payment deets, and everything else, Lord Exchange alternatives keep an eye on every small to big thing.

Customer Support at Lord Exchange


The customer support at Lord Exchange is dicey. The support players get depend on what exactly the issue is. We did our research and found that some of them like the customer support at this site.

On the other hand, some of the players are not satisfied with the services they have acquired. Not replying on time, unresolved issues, and inappropriate behavior are some of the issues that are faced by the players.

Different people have various experiences with the customer service of this site. Henceforth, one specific statement cannot be given when it comes to understanding what precisely customer service does and how it is. A player can either check the reviews on Google or try the Lord Exchange website personally.

Start Playing Online Casino Legally from now!

Now that you know everything about Lord Exchange’s online betting platform, it is time you make a wise choice. Start by searching legal betting platforms. We bet there are a number of them to select from. Once you have made your decision, start using it.

Because you are selecting a legal platform, you should not worry about anything. The services you will receive will be outstanding, and the support is amazing too.

If you were thinking twice before playing with online betting websites, now is the time when you should now. With alternatives to Lord Exchange, you are surely in safe hands.

Everything will be taken care of, and the journey will be exciting.

The Ending Words

Lord Exchange is an illegal online betting platform that offers a number of games to players. Even though the collection is mind-blowing, we do not recommend the platform to anyone. The first reason is Lord Exchange is not legal.

Secondly, it is not licensed. Therefore, we suggest you look for alternatives to this site. There are so many of them available.

With that said, we hope this article has been helpful to you. Read more about Lord Exchange and its alternatives by performing your own research. Until then, hope to see you again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal age to play at online casinos in India?

The legal age to play at online casinos in India is 18+.

Is Lord Exchange licensed?

No, Lord Exchange is not licensed.

Are payments at Lord Exchange safe?

Are payments at Lord Exchange safe? Since Lord Exchange is not licensed and legal, there is always a risk of payments at such online betting platforms.