Are UPI Casinos Legal in India?

Gambling has always been an Indian’s favorite leisure activity. At every special occasion or festival, friends and family gather to gamble their money on cards. And same goes for the casinos, both offline and online. But are UPI casinos legal in India yet?

Indian punters have taken their traditional hobby of gambling into the online world. The advanced technology and lower interest costs have helped the world of online gambling grow.

Now almost every Indian player prefers online casinos. But, there’s always been a quest in their mind, Are UPI casinos legal?

Even though many online casinos are emerging in the Indian online gambling market, punters are still confused about whether they are legally authorized to bet on online casinos.

Many online casinos available for Indian punters offer BHIM UPI as a payment mode for withdrawals and deposits. UPI is one of the most used and simple payment modes among Indians.

We have come up with extensive research on the legal status of online gambling in India. Hence, if you are looking for the answer to your question, Are UPI casinos legal? Then, Keep Reading!

What do we Mean by UPI Casinos?

UPI (Unified Payment Interface) is a payment service that offers its users to transfer and receive funds directly to the bank account.

UPI is considered the safest and most used payment service in India. Many online casinos provide Indian users to make an online transaction via UPI, and hence we call them UPI Casinos.

Punters prefer to gamble on an online site that provides them UPI transactions to take much of their time and require fewer efforts.

India Online Gambling Laws

Indian gambling seems quite confusing to many Indian Punters. Hence, the majority of Indian players have the same question, are UPI casinos legal?

Gambling laws in India are state-specific which means each state has its own set of rules to impose on gambling.

Some Indian punters have this misconception that online gambling might get them into trouble. While others have to think online gambling is legal unless banned by the state legislature.

Public Gambling Act 1867, also known as Gambling Act, claims that all the casino games that require player’s skills are legal in India. On the other hand, online casino games whose outcomes seem based on chances or luck, prohibited in India.

Since the Public Gambling Act launched in 1867 and there was no evident Internet or online gambling in India, we cannot say if these rules apply to online gambling.

Many states have adopted the notion of the Public Gambling Act, while others have entirely prohibited any gambling, be it online or offline.

But what about the question, Are UPI casinos legal? The states that allow their citizens to use UPI Casinos do not have any objective test to apply on these casino games to check if they require skills or their outcomes are merely chance.

Many online casino games like poker and roulette still make the conversations heated because states could not decide whether the game should be treated as a game of chance or skills.

UPI casinos make this decision quite hard because they offer their customers fantastic discount offers and thousands of game variations. Almost all of them require the skills of the player.

Hence if you still have a question, Are UPI casinos legal? Try analyzing the casino game you are playing and calculate the number of skills you use for the game. If you could figure out at least one skill set, there is a high chance the game is legal.

Are UPI Casinos Legal

What to Expect from UPI Casinos?

We have told you that unless playing at UPI casinos requires skills, they are most likely legal. There are many UPI Casinos available in the Indian Market, but you need to have certain expectations from these online casinos.

We have come up with an essential pointer that you need to look at before making your first deposit.

Casino License

The first and most crucial factor to check before deciding to bet on a particular casino is what kind of license they own.

Many online casinos claim that they are for entertainment purposes and thus either do not hold a license or do not wish to disclose it to players. No matter how exciting cashback these casinos offer, we would not suggest investing your money in them.

UPI Casinos regulated under the Indian Government can be your best option because even if you go through any mis-happenings, the casino is answerable to the Indian Government.

Many reputable offshore UPI casinos focus on Indian players and serving players with exceptional online casino games for quite a long time.

Game Collection

It’s better to prefer online casinos that offer you an overall experience of casinos.

We would suggest you look for a UPI casino that offers you thousands of game selections and live casinos. That way, you will never get bored with the same site and have lots of games to explore.

You can also look for the game manufacturers that have contributed to the UPI Casino games collection. And get an idea of the quality of games you encounter.

UPI transaction seems efficient when you are gambling in live casinos and willing to make quick transact resume your unique live casino’s experience. With UPI Casino, you do not have to wait for days to get your deposits and withdrawal to get the approval.

Bonuses and Rewards

UPI Casinos that offer excellent welcomes bonuses and reward points should be your first choice.

UPI Casinos in the market offer almost 100% of welcome bonus and rewards points on multiple deposits. This way, you can play more than you have deposited in your bonus account because the amount almost gets double.


Indian punters love to gamble on UPI Casinos because almost every third person in India does UPI transactions. UPI deposits and withdrawal do not require any credentials. All you need is your registered mobile number and a UPI ID.

When gambling involves playing with real money, there’s no doubt that gamblers want to make deposits and withdrawal with their most trusted payment mode.

UPI Casinos seem specially designed for Indian Punters who love to gamble in a secure environment and score more.

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