Raja567 Review with Top 5 Alternative Sites for Indians

Raja567 is an online casino platform that allows users the indulge in multiple casinos and live betting games. It is prominent for offering slots and other casino games such as Roulette, Black Jack, Lucky7, Dice, Baccarat, etc. It attracts most of the users and promotes playing by offering them a 5% of daily losing bonus.

Top 5 Alternative Sites

1. BetShah

BetShah is a great alternative site to Raja567. It has Indian friendly payment methods.

100% First Deposit Bonus up to Rs 1 Lakh

2. Casino Days

Casino Days has numerous bonuses and rewards for Indian Players. It also supports UPI payments.

2 Losses Refunded + 100% Bonus upto ₹30,0000

3. Casumo

Casumo Casino has number one customer support services. It has 24*7 chat support.

150% Casino Bonus up to ₹15,000 + ₹101 Daily for 7 days

4. Pure Casino

Pure Casino is a great alternative site to Raja567 as it offers a variety of casino games.

Welcome Bonuses up to ₹20,000 and 200 free spins!

5. Twin Casino

Twin Casino has easy withdrawal and live chat support for Indians.

Bonus of 200 free spins for newcomers!

But is the gaming platform legal and authentic? Do we have any knowledge about its owners? Let us find out all this information in the review and alternative options, which are much better than Raja567.com.

Raja567: Brief Introduction

Raja567 Review

Raja567 is a private online casino platform with no information about its owner or operating company. To companies- Evolution Gaming and Ezugi are responsible for providing games to the website, including slots and famous Indian Casino games.

It operates in multiple countries without any authenticity, which limits its operations. It is not approved by the Indian government, so the risk of playing and being scammed is high. 

Sign Up Process at this site

Once you visit the website of Raja567.com, registering and logging in on this website becomes supremely easy. Let us explore the three steps of signing up on this website-

  1. Visit the Website to login on Raja567. Click on the Register button, present in the top right corner. 
  2. You have to enter your phone number, get your OTP, and then move forward with the registration process. 
  3. Fill in all the details, authenticate your information, and then you will be logged in to your dashboard. 

Do not forget your ID and Password, as it will help you take up Raja567 login on different devices whenever you want. 

Owners of the site are unrecognized

There is no information available on the website or any other place on the internet about the owners of the website. Also, there is no valid information regarding the licenses it has received or whether or not it has received any licenses or not. This makes the platform a risky one, as there is probably no company that is accountable if you get troubled by a scam or failed transaction. 

Taxes are high

Playing on Raja567 is full of taxes that are applied to each transaction. The higher the amount of withdrawal, the more will be the more taxes levied on it. While some of the taxes are given to the government, some are kept by the owners of the website themselves. The taxes on winnings go as high as 30%, which is huge for any player. Compared to this, there are many websites that do not demand heavy taxes on withdrawals. 

Whether betting on Raja567 Casino is legal or not totally depends on the region where you live. The online gambling laws vary in almost every province of every country, and you need to make sure that betting is not illegal in your area to stay out of trouble. 

Also, the platform that you are using to play should have enough information about its owners so that you can contact them in case of any discrepancy or problem. This ensures that playing on the sites is safe. 

Play at Alternative Sites without any risk

As there is no information about Raja567 Casino, it is quite risky to play here. Who will you contact if your withdrawals get stuck? Who will you hold responsible and take action against if you face problems related to your money, such as scams or hacking?

Having adequate information about the owners is essential to play carefree on the platform. Therefore, you must choose the platforms and websites which allow good levels of accountability and take responsibility for your money, gaming, and information. The alternative sites we offer to you are a good option to play stress-free, without any risk.  

Number of Payment Methods for Indian Players

To make hassle-free deposits and withdrawals, it is important you find your preferred payment option at a casino site. Unfortunately, Raja567 offers very little option for payment methods to users. 

You can choose to play on the other websites, which offer you many payment methods, including Indian-specific methods such as UPI and various Indian cards, which help you make faster payments, without any problem. 

Listed Sites offer great Bonuses for players

Bonuses and Jackpots make up a good casino website. There are limited options for winning bonuses at Raja567.com, which includes a 5% losing bonus to keep the users hooked. However, there are no other bonuses such as weekend bonuses, weekly and monthly bonuses, sign-up bonuses etc

The alternative sites that we talk about come with a plethora of bonus options that make playing there more fun and engaging. These bonuses ensure that the site is value for money, and you get good income in return for the money you have added to the website. 

Customer Support Services

Customer Support Services at Raja567 Alternatives

What is the first thing you think about when you get in trouble on a website? You think about talking to its customer support and asking for help. But what if the customer support is of no help? You will surely stop playing on the website. 

Therefore we can say that good customer support service plays a major role in shaping the accountability and effectiveness of a website. You must choose a website for playing online casinos, only after understanding well the efficiency of its customer support. 

Here, we must tell you that customer support is only available through Whatsapp and Telegram on Raja567, and not on call or Email. On the other hand, the alternatives provide quick and efficient on-call support, which is very satisfactory. Therefore, you must go for websites which provide valuable customer support services. 

Final Verdict

Playing online casinos is good for trying your luck and having a little fun. But fun becomes troublesome if you do not choose the correct website for online betting and gambling. Therefore, we bestow you with the best alternatives along with staunch reasons why you need to stop playing on Raja567 Casino and start choosing alternative sites today!