How to Allow Casinos to Withdraw with UPI in India?

Online gambling has become one of the most renowned activities among Indian punters. Now the majority of Indian Players prefer to try out their skills and expertise on various online casino platforms. But one of the questions that often trouble the players is how to allow casinos to withdraw with UPI in India.

Even though online casinos are the new trend in the Indian Market, punters still have many questions regarding the casinos that offer UPI Transactions.

You might have heard many debate on easy UPI deposits, but there is significantly less information on casinos to withdraw with UPI India.

We have created this piece with a clear notion of providing important information on whether online casinos provide withdrawal via UPI transactions.

What is UPI?

Unified Payment Interface is an instant payment interface that helps make direct fund transfers from one bank account to another.

With UPI transactions, users do not need any account details or IFSC code to make the payment. UPI payment does not require the payee to add the receiver’s account number as a beneficiary and then let them send money.

UPI transactions are super easy and effortless; there are many payment gateways like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe that offer UPI transactions to their users.

National Payment Corporation of India regulates UPI transactions. Payee only needs a UPI address and a UPI ID to proceed with the complete payment. The payment confirmation takes less than 30 minutes.

How to set up your UPI Address?

Before choosing casinos to withdraw with UPI in India, you need to create a UPI address and a UPI ID. Creating a UPI ID and address requires simple steps. And you do not need any help from the bank or the customer care representative to follow the below steps.

  • Make sure you have your bank registered mobile number active and handy.
  • We would suggest you use the mobile application to register your UPI address and ID.
  • Download the mobile app like Paytm, BHIM UPI, Google Pay, or PhonePe that offers you UPI transactions
  • Click on the UPI section of the app and enter your mobile number
  • Select your bank registered with your mobile number on the next step.
  • There are two ways that bank operators use to verify your mobile number
  • Sometimes there is an automatic verification where a unique code is sent from your number, and your number gets authenticated.
  • Other times bank sends you a one-time password on your registered mobile number, and you need to enter that number in your mobile app to create your UPI wallet.
  • Once your mobile number gets verified from your bank, you need to set a unique 4-8 digit UPI ID.

casinos to withdraw with UPI in India

How to Withdraw using UPI?

Online UPI casinos do allow players to withdraw money from their casino account. Still, we must inform you that the rules in the casinos to withdraw with UPI in India are way more different than the rules to deposit the money in an online casino.

Punters prefer to withdraw money via UPI transaction because the processing time required seems way less than another payment method. UPI transactions only charge 50 paisa on each of your transactions.

Each casino offers a different minimum amount that you may withdraw from your account. Online casinos also have regulations regarding the minimum wagering requirement you need to fulfill before withdrawing money via UPI.

If you have fulfilled all the required pointers by the online casinos, the remaining steps in the online casinos to withdraw with UPI are almost the same.

  • Check your balance available on the online casino. There are times when you could see a certain amount in your casino wallet. But not all the amount is available to withdraw.
  • Choose the appropriate amount to withdraw and click on proceed to withdraw.
  • Select UPI as your payment gateways. There are many payment application that offers UPI transaction. But we will suggest you go for Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, and BHIM UPI. That is because all these payment methods are tried and tested by millions of Indian users and are highly reliable.
  • If you are not a registered UPI user, you can enter your bank details, IFSC Code, and registered mobile number to receive the money via UPI.
  • If you have a UPI address, all you need to do is enter your UPI address. And the money will be transferred directly to your bank account.

Usually, UPI transactions do not take much time to reflect the received amount in your bank statement. Still, keep in mind that it might take up to 1 – 5 active days to get the payment confirmation.

Perks of Choosing Online Casinos to Withdraw with UPI in India

The first and foremost beneficial aspect of choosing online casinos to withdraw with UPI India is that UPI transactions do not require any additional charges and are 100% free.

The processing time of UPI casinos is almost instant. Since the UPI transactions seem regulated under the rules of the Government of India, you can always connect to the customer care service in case of query. You will receive proper justification in case of mishap or fraud.

Almost every Indian bank allows punters to create a UPI address and ID via the net banking system. Players themselves get a sense of security when they already know that the payment method they used is backed up by their bank and, most importantly, by their country’s government.

The withdrawals done via UPI transaction do not require hefty processing charges. They just take 50 paisa for each transaction which is quite affordable.

By entering your UPI address in the online casino to withdraw with UPI in India, you save yourself from many efforts entering and verifying your account number, IFSC code, and other details.


The paradigm followed by many online casinos to withdraw with UPI in India is revolutionary. Many Indian punters seem particularly attracted by the online casino that offers them the facility to withdraw and deposit money via UPI.

UPI casinos are 100% secure and amazingly easy to process. Hence, you do not need to make much effort on the fund withdrawal.

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