Parker Exchange Review with Top 10 Alternative Sites with great Bonuses

You know, a lot of people ask me how I am so perfect when it comes to judging online casino sites or sportsbooks. Well, there are some thumb rules that help me to judge. This time, we will be talking about Parker Exchange.

For those who know nothing about this site, let me give you a brief before I talk about this in detail. Do you know that you can bet on sports events? Yes, Parker Exchange lets you do that.

Apart from that, it also provides its users with a variety of slot games and casino games. But one thing that a casino player or a punter should be aware of is that sports betting should be legal.

Top 10 Alternative Sites

1. 22bet

22Bet casino is a popular online sports betting site operating in India. Withdrawal are risk free at this site.

Get 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹25,000

2. BetShah

BetShah is a much better alternative site to Parker Exchange. They have Live Chat Support for its players.

100% First Deposit Bonus up to Rs 1 Lakh

3. Casumo

Casumo Casino is the most popular online casino for Indian Players and a feasible alternative to Parker Exchange.

150% Casino Bonus up to ₹15,000 + ₹101 Daily for 7 days

4. Pure Casino

Pure Casino can be great option to Parker Exchange. It offers games such as Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Baccarat etc.

Welcome Bonuses up to ₹20,000 and 200 free spins!

5. Rabona

Play the most high-rated real money games on Rabona Casino and have a good time by yourself or with friends.

Welcome bonus up to ₹30,000!

6. Lucky Niki

This Japanese-themed online casino with great bonuses and rewards can be a great alternative Parker Exchange.

Get the Biggest Bonus of 100% up to ₹1,00,000 + 250 Free Spins

7. Jeetwin

Jeetwin offers pure betting experience. The games are designed so they represent the games from the real life. Withdrawal is super easy.

100% first deposit bonus for new players

8. Casinodays

Casinodays provides the right platform for Indian players to play live casino games legally.

Upto ₹1Lakh Casino Deposit Bonus for first 3 deposits.

9. Parimatch

Parimatch is a great alternative site for Indian Players as it offers some of the best bonuses to its players.

Bonuses up to ₹30,000 for everyone!

10. Spin Casino

Spin Casino offers 24*7 Customer Support. Withdrawal are quick at this site.

Get a Massive Welcome bonus of up to ₹1 Lakh on the first three deposits

What is Legal sports betting? You cannot just bet on any live game. There are certain laws set by the government. In most cases, casino sites or sportsbook sites don’t follow the rules.

Don’t think that the government doesn’t pay much attention. Once you are caught, you can never get the money back. If betting is not legal, there is no fun.

So, am I trying to say that the site I am talking about is illegal? Well, there is more to it. Let’s begin then, shall we?

What is Parker Exchange?

Parker Exchange (4)

Parker Exchange is an online sportsbook and online casino site that offers users to bet on various sports events and engage themselves in some exciting casino, live casino games and slot games too.

To start your betting journey here, you need to create an account first. After that, just like any other casino site, you need to make the first deposit. After that, you can start playing.

Sounds like any other casino site, right? Well, it’s true. There is nothing so special about it. Honestly, I didn’t like the site either. I don’t know why, but I found it super fishy.

I’m not saying that every other site that is not listed on UPICasino is not worth it. It is not my fault that all the good sites are there.

It does not matter how many apps or features a casino site has; if it does match the standard requirements, it is not good, at least in my opinion. So, what are the things that made me decide to stop my journey at Parker Exchange?

Well, these are nothing but the basics. So, let’s begin with the very first step, which is to sign-up.

Sign Up Process at this site

The Parker Exchange registration process was the very first step where I thought that something was wrong. How many of you have seen a site that asks for your mail-id and password to sign in? None, I knew it.

It is not the right thing to do. Yes, I am well aware of some smaller sites to that, but this is not something you should consider as a gambler. 

 I went to the site and was looking for the sign-up form, but all I saw were two sections to provide details. One was the email-id, and the other one was nothing but a stupid password.

I like standard sites that are not playing with the users. They are concerned about the details of the user, and you can find the data from them in case of any mishappening.

But Parker Exchange is too chill about the users, I guess. If a site does not ask you to provide some valid and necessary details, it’s not a good sign. This is the first red flag on this site.

Deposit and Withdrawals takes too much time

Deposit and Withdrawals at parker exchange (2)

Oh my god! I’m tired of saying the same thing again and again. Is it that much difficult to understand? I don’t think so. Do you realize how much stress it actually causes when the deposit or the withdrawal is stuck in the middle?

It can literally not let you sleep. Yes, you have heard the right thing. Suppose you have made your first payment, and the amount is debited from your account, but your casino wallet is empty.

I know this issue can be solved, but sometimes it doesn’t. I faced a similar problem with my withdrawal. I was happy to collect the money, but it took an eternity to receive the amount. 

When it comes to online sportsbooks or casino sites, it should always be smooth, and this is the end of the discussion. This is the second red flag at Parker Exchange.

Sports Betting is illegal on this site

See! I told you. Remember, we were talking about legal betting or legal gambling? It should be following all the rules and regulations set by the state or country government. But I noticed that this site is not accessible to a lot of states because some of them have paid attention to it and banned it.

So, even if you are able to access it, do not move forward without checking the rules. You don’t realize it, but you might have to pay a much higher price than you think.

Why is it illegal and not suggested by our experts?

How many of you think that if a site or a brand has its app, it’s valid? Most of you, right? This is a myth. The Parker Exchange app does not do justice to its authenticity. 

It is illegal for a couple of reasons. First of all, it does not have the necessary licensing details; nobody knows anything about who owns the site, there is no legal sports betting, etc.

There are more things to it that are needed to be discussed in detail. So, I think it is a good time to begin. 

No License

Now, the most important part of online gambling. There are some licensing details that a standard gambling platform should have. These are SSL certification, Curacao gaming license, etc.

These two are the most important licence. Some sites also have a government-approved license. If the site you are playing has one, that is a cherry on top. You should celebrate.

But what else? When it comes to licensing, you should keep in mind that the site follows the state rules or the gambling rules set by the law. It is very important and should not be skipped. 

So, Parker Exchange does not have any of these? Nope! 

No policies for Responsible Gaming

Have you ever read responsible gaming policies? No, I knew that. When I first started. I also didn’t pay much attention to these things. Responsible gaming policies are policies built for consumer protection and lowering the risks related to gambling. 

Suppose you don’t know how to play a particular game. Does it increase the chances of losing money? Yes, absolutely; I don’t know about you all, but the alternative sites I am a part of a focus on these policies a lot.

If I don’t know anything, they will educate me on the subject first. Now, you tell me, is it wrong to support the alternatives?

Owners are Anonymous

Who is the owner of the house you live in? Your father, maybe, or the landlord. Does this very sense that you know the owner and you can reach out to someone who gives you security? It does, right?

The scenario is similar to online gambling platforms. I already told you nobody knows who is actually operating the site, who the owner is, where its origin is, nothing. 

Sorry, but I don’t like to be a part of something so anonymous. Moreover, if nothing is wrong with Parker Exchange, then why are they hiding facts? Hmmm, now you realize.

Parker Exchange Alternatives are far better

Now, let’s talk about the alternative sites a little bit and see why I prefer these over Parker Exchange.


Legal Information at Parker Exchange (3)

The alternative sites that are easily available on are all legal. They have all the needed licenses. So, you rest assured about the security. 

I have been a part of these sites, and trust me, I have seen how loyal and authentic they are in their work. Any kind of problem would be solved. 

When you sign up on sites like 10cric or Genesis, you will know everything. They ask for all the essential details, and everything there looks secure and legal. It will all be evident.

Hassle-free payment Options

What do you understand about hassle-free payment options? I think of payment options that are easy to use and trustable. Apart from that, the process should not be too technical.

Everything should be clear and easy to understand. Even a small error can make the user stressed. The alternative sites are pretty good at it. 

Be it a deposit or withdrawal, it will be smooth. Each process has different forms, and you just need to fill them, and that’s all. 

The amount will be debited or credited from or to your bank account. 

Quick Withdrawals

You know, I think that the most important part of any casino site is withdrawals. You might not know, but I have been in many problematic situations, and withdrawals are the first ones I can remember.

I was done providing my information, but you won’t believe what happened after that. It didn’t get credited to my bank account. I reached out to customer support, but they just simply denied my concerns and said that they had processed it and they could do nothing about it anymore.

I was like, what? How dare you say things like that? But now, it is all set because I am no longer a part of the site.

Awesome Bonuses

I need bonuses. I don’t care how classic your games are; I need them. If there are no bonuses and unreasonable taxes, what is the point of playing then? Here are the bonuses that you should look for – 

  • Welcome bonus
  • First deposit bonus
  • Occasional bonus

Indian-Friendly Payment Methods

payment methods at parker exchange (1)

Which app did you use while paying the grocery bill? Congrats! You can find the same one while making a payment here. Yes, the alternative sites have familiar payment options. Here are some of them – 

  • Gpay
  • Paytm
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Crypto Currency

It’s amazing, I know. Don’t hide your smile.

How to find Alternative Sites with better Bonuses

You don’t need to do anything; just visit, and you will find it. Nope, it is not a promotional article. I am just writing about what I have experienced. 

The sites listed there match all the standard requirements. So, you don’t need to worry about anything but playing. 

From welcome bonuses to the first deposit, you are eligible for various guaranteed bonuses there. Moreover, you can also get a bonus on your second or third bonus. Yes, it is far more interesting than you think.

All alternative sites offer great Customer Support

Oh! I almost forgot about it. One key rule for judging a casino site is by just checking the customer support. If they are easily accessible and available most of the time. There is no need to worry.

In most cases, customer support is just for the name. But the alternative sites I am talking about have strong customer support systems. 

They are hospitable and treat you just like their friend. You might not want it, but they will never leave until the issue is resolved. We should rename it to caring customer support. Hehe!

Final Verdict

So, what have you decided? Which alternative site will you be moving forward with first? Nope, I will not do this. I will not recommend a particular one. You should allow yourself to experience various things and then choose one.

 No need to worry; there are no illegal sites there. All you need to see is whether the system or the games, or the site is doing justice to your interests or not. I love casino games but am not a big fan of sportsbooks.

So, always keep your preferences in mind while choosing the sites, and you will land at the perfect place.