24Betting Alternatives: Reasons why you may look for Similar Sites

Visiting the website of 24Betting is a delight in the beginning. With an extensive variety of gaming options with beautiful graphics, the site is attractive enough to rope in customers for the first time. There are plenty of games, such as Indian games, Casino games, Slots, and Sports betting, etc. But should you spend your time and money on this website? 

24Betting India is an exclusive app designed for Indian audiences, considering their preferences and favorites. It’s sportsbook and wide selection of casino games make it worth the while of the Indian audience. However, there are some structural problems within the app, which often refrain the users from using it.

Similar Sites for Indian Players

1. BetShah

BetShah is a much better site similar to 24betting. It has some of the best bonuses and rewards at its site.

100% First Deposit Bonus up to Rs 1 Lakh

2. 22bet

22bet Casino offers a huge variety of online casino games with awesome bonuses.

Get 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹25,000

3. Casinodays

Casinodays is a popular online casino with Indian Friendly payment options and 24*7 Chat Support.

Upto ₹1Lakh Casino Deposit Bonus for first 3 deposits.

4. Casumo

Casumo Casino is an alternative site to 24betting. Its popularity among Indian Players is too much.

150% Casino Bonus up to ₹15,000 + ₹101 Daily for 7 days

5. Pure Casino

Pure Casino is first-class online casino where you will find a huge number of online sports betting options.

Welcome Bonuses up to ₹20,000 and 200 free spins!

6. Jeetwin

Jeetwin is a popular online casino in India. They offer many payment options and withdrawal is very easy.

100% first deposit bonus for new players

Quick Facts

Payment Methods Not Indian Friendly
Taxation on Winnings Too High
Indian Rupees Allowed
Safety and Security Not Secure
Alternative Site BetShah
Customer Support 24/7 Services

The experts of online casinos have made a careful examination of the pros and cons of the website. Today, we will discuss all you need to know about 24Betting, and what it offers to the users. Also, we will elucidate on its shortcomings and what the alternatives can offer you that 24Betting app cannot. By the end of the article, making a decision would become easy for you. 


24betting Introduction

24Betting.com is a global casino website that operates in multiple countries of the world, including India. It has a worldwide domain, and no dedicated domain for Indian audiences. This means that you can play with an international audience. Despite being a global site, 24Betting offers India-specific options to users. 

Some features of the website, such as in-play bets, make it a lucrative option for users. However, it has its own set of shortcomings as well, the most prominent one being a lack of promotions and bonuses. Casino and sports promos on the website are a very infrequent sight, and thus the viewers aren’t much engaged. 

The website was launched not before 2020. It was created and owned by Black Swan Capital Europe Limited, which acquired the gaming license from Costa Rican Gambling Commission. With headquarters and permissions from the authorities in Costa Rica, the website operates in multiple parts of the world. 

There are several indulging games which the website has to offer to the users. However, the sportsbook is quite small, with only 24Betting Cricket and Football betting options available to the users. It has partnership with game providers such as Evolution Gaming, Alg, Ezugi, Platypus, Lucky, Belatra, Softswiss and many more. 

All the games on the website are designed with excellence to offer amazing graphics and sound effects. This helps users get the feel of a live atmosphere and a surreal experience, as if they are playing in the casino. The most prominent are its slot machines, which offer amazing graphics and unique gameplay to the users. 

How to Sign Up and Get Started?

The straightforward sign-up process of 24Betting India allows users to register for the app quickly. It is easy to navigate all the vital buttons on the website, and you just need to fill in some basic information about yourself. The process of signing up with 24Betting.com is as follows- 

  • Search for the “Registration” button on the top right corner of the website’s landing page. You will see multiple boxes asking for your vital information. 
  • Fill in all the boxes with the correct information about your name, address, contact details and more. 
  • After completing the basic information, click on the “Register’ button. You will be navigated to the next page. 
  • Now here, the website will ask you to verify the details. You will have to submit the OTPs received on your mobile phone and on email. 
  • Also, they will ask you to upload a certified copy of one or more documents such as an Adhaar Card, Pan Card, Driving Licence, etc. This will be required as your identity document and proof of address. 
  • After the verification is complete successfully, you will be logged in to your dashboard. 

To begin playing, however, you need to make some deposit into your gaming account. You will also be entitled to a deposit bonus when you make your first deposit via the website. However, there is also a minimum amount of $100, so you need to be careful of that. 

Do not forget to note down your account details so that you can log in again and never lose your money or game details. 

Is it legal to bet at 24betting?

Legal Gambling

24betting.com is registered by the authorities of Costa Rica. This gives an operating license to the website to be available in the whole world. However, it is completely legal to play and bet on the app in areas that have no stringent laws against betting. 

In India, only three states, namely Sikkim, Goa and Daman, allow gambling of any sorts, including online casinos. However, online gambling is a banned offence in Maharashtra. However, they are a huge fan of online gambling as a report says that it generates around 17.4 percent of all the registered organic traffic. There is no other law banning or legalising betting at 24betting or any other such app. So you can continue playing at your risk, keeping in mind the state you live in. 

Here, we would like to add that 24betting India does not possess any authority which gives it the permission to operate in India. It is operating based on the Costan Rican license, which makes it a doubtful website. Also, the owners are difficult to reach. Compared to this, it is very safe making bets on the alternatives which have procured some kind of authentication by the Indian gaming or gambling authorities

Site’s Security and Payment Methods

When your money is involved, you wish to partner with an app that has robust security parameters to safeguard your finances. Unfortunately, 24betting.com is not such an app. The license it has acquired is unconventional, as the Costa Rican Gambling Commission does not offer a high level of regulation and security to the players.

Apart from that, there are many structural and functional issues within the app which force you to not believe in adding your money to the platform. The lack of responsible gambling policies is one of the biggest drawbacks. There is no limit to the money you spend in a day, and the chances of losing are high, which may make people lose all their money.

Some people also claim that their accounts get hacked, or their winnings get scammed. So overall, the structural and the functional security parameters of the website aren’t secure, which is a major drawback for the website. 

The payment methods offered by the 24betting app are not India-friendly, and are unreliable. Often, the users complain about their payments getting stuck while making deposits or withdrawals. This disappoints the users and prohibits them from continuing their gaming experience with 24betting. 

First of all, 24betting does not support UPI or other major Indian payment methods. Secondly, the withdrawals are slow and tedious and often get stuck in the middle, leaving the customers hanging to dry. Also, there is a minimum limit on deposits and a maximum limit on withdrawals, which causes disheartening of the fans. 

Factors to consider when Choosing an Alternative Sports Betting Site

If you are up for finding some good alternatives to the 24betting app, below are some parameters that you must carefully consider before choosing the best alternative. 

Safety and Responsible Gaming

An important factor which tells whether an online casino app is good or not is the list of its safety measures and responsible gaming features. Whenever you look out for a good alternative, do read in detail about the features it holds for safety and responsible gaming. After all, betting involves risking your precious money, and the zeal to have fun must not go beyond a certain limit. 

App and Compatibility

Having an app for your favourite online betting platform is always a plus. It helps you play on the platform whenever you want and does not demand many resources. Also, making payments through the app is comparatively safer and much more worth it. Also, the app should be compatible with all the major platforms so that you can play it on any device you want.

Therefore, when looking out for an alternative sports betting site, ensure that the website has a well-working app with great compatibility. 


Bonuses and offers are vital to enhancing the gaming experience. Most renowned online betting apps spend a considerable amount of effort on creating promotions and offers for users. Therefore, you must carefully learn about the common promotions and offers which an online betting app has to provide.

The website with the most lucrative and beneficial options should be chosen by you so that you can make the most of your online betting experience. 

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are many important points to consider regarding the deposits and withdrawals of an online betting website. While choosing the perfect site, you should learn about the deposit and withdrawal methods, the limits on withdrawals and the wagering requirements. This will help you understand whether the app/website is a good fit for you or not. 

Customer Support

Having good customer support whom you can contact anytime in case of any query is a big yes for any online website. Especially, when you are betting on an online gambling site, it is vital that the website offers a good customer support experience so that you can count on them in difficult times.

You must ensure that the customer support is available on call, on chat, through email and all other feasible means. Also, the website should have a forum of FAQS and all important information and discussions so that the users can get answers to their queries easily. 

Pros and Cons of 24Betting

Let us now read in detail about the pros and cons of the 24betting app, which you must know before betting with this app. 


  • Gaming Options for Indian Players

While 24Betting.com is a global website, it has multiple features which are created keeping in mind the Indian audience. The variety of games is good, and there are so many games that are native to Indian audience, such as Teen Patti, Blackjack, Andar Bahar, Cricket Baccarat and many more. It also has a sportsbook for Indian games such as IPL and other tournaments. 


  • No Withdrawal/Deposit Fee

The best part about playing with 24Betting is that there are no fees on Withdrawals and Deposits that you make on 24Betting. This helps the users earn more. 


  • No Application

There is no app for the 24Betting website, which makes it a little difficult for the users to play seamlessly. Also, the security features are stronger in an app, and thus it is a major drawback. 

  • Poor Customer Support

There is no provision for reaching out to customer support via phone call. You have to wait in long queues in chat, and talk to bots for hours before getting a resolution for your query. 

  • Lack of Bonuses

Bonuses offers, and cashbacks are very few when you play and bet with 24Betting. This makes the app a little less lucrative for the users. 

  • Poor Reliability and Licensing

There is a little or no information about the owners of the website and the licensing details. This makes the website a little less reliable. 

Feature and Benefits of 24Betting Alternatives

Features and Benefits of 24betting alternatives

When you make your choice via upicasino.com, you have the faith to get nothing but the best. Our experts ensure that we offer you alternatives with nothing but the best in terms of features and functionality. There are a plethora of pros when you choose an online casino app referred by our experts, some of which can be seen below.

Variety of Casino Games

The variety of casino games offered by any online site is a prominent factor that convinces the users to make the correct decision. A good online casino site has it all- a varied sportsbook, live casino, slots, Indian casino games and more. This helps the user get everything in one place, and they do not have to migrate from one site to another in search of the games that they are looking for. 

Indian-Friendly Payment Options

Indian Friendly Payment Options

Having Indian-friendly payment options is like a necessity for Indian players. This helps them make deposits and withdrawals instantly, within seconds. When you are in search of the best online casino website, ensure that it offers you payment options such as UPI, BHIM, PayTM or any other payment methods that you use on a regular basis. This will instill in you confidence or successful payments. 

Safe and Secure

Reliability and safety are two important parameters which are vital for an online casino site to possess. They must have an SSL certificate so that no one can hack into your dashboard or steal your personal data or even your money. Losing all your data to a stranger can be detrimental, and only the highest levels of security can ensure this doesn’t happen to you. So look out for the security parameters which the online casino site you find intriguing offers, and ensure they have SSL encryption and other important certificates. 

Legal and Licenced

Although all online casino websites claim to have some kind of certification, not all of these certifications are legal in India or most other countries. You must not simply fall for the certifications and authorisations they claim to offer. You must research well about the gaming license they have and whether they have any legality or authority operating in India or not. It is very important to ensure that you make your bets with the right online casino site which has the required certifications. 

Experts’ Suggestion: What do Gambling Gurus say about similar sites?

Experts Suggestion

The internet is filled with similar sites, which are similar, but a lot better. After thorough inspection and consideration, our Gambling Gurus have curated a list of the best apps which are meant to suit the varying needs of the users. These alternatives come equipped with all the features which a person is looking for while selecting the best online gambling website. 

The experts analyse the applications or websites on multiple parameters and then finalise their decisions. They are very sure about their decisions as they have done a deep inspection of the alternative sites. As a result, the sites that they talk about or recommend have the best features and the highest levels of reliability. 

Therefore, all the alternative sites that we talk about at UPI Casino are recommended by the experts. They excel in all fields and offer the best services, such as payment/withdrawal and customer support, and features such as graphics, gameplay, navigation, security, reliability and much more. 

What can we expect from Alternative Betting Sites?

Let us see in what terms are the alternative sites a lot better than 24Betting.com and its likes. 

  • Reliable License

Playing with an unlicensed casino is the highest level of risk you can ever fall into. The site you are playing with might be a scam if it doesn’t have a robust licence. As a result, you can lose all your money, and even your important data. The alternative betting sites we talk about have a high sense of reliability in terms of a gaming licence. Thus, it is safe to play and bet at these sites. 

  • Better Bonuses

The alternatives we have mentioned offer amazing bonuses, promotions, events, offers, cashback and a lot more to the users. Consequently, the chances of winning and earning more money become high. This makes the games more engaging, and the users get to benefit a lot from this.

Therefore, you must choose the site with the most exciting offers and bonuses, such as winning bonuses, losing bonuses, welcome bonuses, weekly bonuses and special events and tournaments. 

  • Variety of Games

Having an all-in-one gaming platform, which has an extensive sportsbook along with your favourite casino games, is hard to find nowadays. That is why we have created a list of the best alternatives, which have it all, from slots and mini-games to amazing tournaments of almost all sports types. Thus, you can choose only one website where you can get everything you need. 

  • Good Customer Service

All good casinos offer the best-in-class customer service to the users. At least once in a while, you might need to contact customer service and seek help from them. At such a time, the efficiency of the customer service matters. The alternative sites are known to possess the best customer service experts who are bound to help the customers in times of need. This helps the users get a seamless gaming experience with no or little trouble. 

Customer Support and User Experience

User Experience at 24Betting

Another reason why the users get to face a poor user experience with 24Betting is the poor customer support. The customer support executives of 24Betting are not very efficient. In fact, there is no option to directly contact the support team via call. You can contact them only through chat or email. 

Also, the forum and resources for help available on the website are very few. Whenever a customer is in trouble, they are never able to get instant resolution. This is a very troublesome feature. 

On the contrary, the alternative websites that we talk about offer great help to the users in terms of customer support. They are available 24×7 on chat as well as call to solve any type of query that the user might possess. 

Final Words

After carefully assessing the pros and cons of 24Betting, it is not difficult to understand why users often go out in search of an alternative. Also, your might understand why the alternatives offered by us are a good option for you to continue your gambling and betting endeavours. 

However, if you still have any doubts, you can visit the official websites we have offered as alternatives. You can read in detail about their features and get a complete guide to know which website is the best for you. 

For more knowledge about choosing the best online casino and gambling site, check out our website- upicasino.com. The site has all the information you need to make the best decisions pertaining to your choice and your gambling activities.