Best Skyexchange Alternative Sites in India with great Bonuses

The best gaming and betting services can be found at Sky Exchange, both in India and around the globe. They recently started providing sports gambling to Indian players, and they are currently excelling at it. They have more slots than any other online casino you have ever examined, with over 500 machines. The live casino is likewise very outstanding. You can play at more than 150 multiple tables. At Sky Exchange India, the mobile casino service is excellent.

1. 10cric

10cric is well-known international casino. It tries to provide real life experience to its users. Many different games are ready for you.

Bonuses for newcomers up to ₹20,000!

2. BetShah

BetShah is first-class online casino where everything is possible. They offer many payment options and withdrawal is very easy.

100% First Deposit Bonus up to Rs 1 Lakh

3. Casino Days

Casinodays is one of the best among online casinos. There are more than 1000 betting games and betting options. It also has support 24/7.

2 Losses Refunded + 100% Bonus upto ₹30,0000

4. Casumo

Casumo has one of the easiest withdrawal methods. There are also numerous payment methods for Indian players.

150% Casino Bonus up to ₹15,000 + ₹101 Daily for 7 days

5. ComeOn

ComeOn provides unique games and betting options. Everyone will find something for their taste. The support is 24/7.

Up to ₹90,000, Min. Deposit Down to ₹200 & More!

Quick Facts

Indian Games Teen Patti
Safety and Security Not Secure
License Illegal
Legal Alternatives Casinodays, BetShah, 10Cric etc.
Customer Support 24*7 Support

How many of you have heard about sky exchange? Well, this is a sports betting and online casino that takes pride in targeting all the players from India. Even though this is a website that has a mobile application, we found that it uses Whatsapp as a medium to send login information to the players.

However, if you are an Indian player and you want to play on this website, it is imperative that you make a payment of Rs 500 minimum.

We did our research and found that many users and experts have said that Sky Exchange is a website that is not safe to use. This is one primary reason why some of them take a pass from this website.

On the other hand, there are some players who do not want to use this website for sports betting or online casino games.

Apart from this, the website has not mentioned anything about deposits, withdrawals, terms and conditions, and more. Henceforth, there are high chances that a player might have to perform his/her own research or do with the information that is present.

Since Sky Exchange India is a website that is available for Indian players but with very less information, how about switching to its alternatives?

Yes, you are reading this right. In this piece of article, we will also tell you about the useful alternatives that are available for the players. So without any further ado, let us dive into the article.

Basic Information


The best gaming and betting services can be found at this site, both in India and around the globe. They recently started providing sports gambling to Indian players, and they are currently excelling at it.

They have more slots than any other online casino you have ever examined, with over 500 machines. The live casino is likewise very outstanding. You can play at more than 150 multiple tables. At Sky Exchange India, the mobile casino service is excellent.

Playing on a iOS or Android smartphone is really quick and convenient. It is quite simple. For a top-notch gambling experience, we heartily suggest Sky Exchange app.

Sports betting is a new feature that the      app has started to provide, and it is obvious that this isn’t the company’s highest concern. In the primary menu, sports betting isn’t even mentioned. A link to the sportsbook can be found at the bottom of the front page if you browse downward.

Additionally, you might discover that these odds aren’t as good as those at other specialty bookmakers like Betway.

In conclusion, Indian players who want the finest and perhaps most genuine gambling experience should visit Sky Exchange India. Rupees can be easily and quickly deposited into your account, and if you encounter any difficulties, the customer service team will be quite supportive.

For those who prefer sports betting, it is a terrible alternative to a site like Betrally due to its subpar sportsbook. However, ideally, it will soon be enhanced, making the Sky Exchange app one of the leading gambling companies in India.

What is Sky Exchange?

Indian players can access this site as an online casino and sportsbook. Its parent firm SkyInfotech is authorized in Curacao. The website makes the claim to be India’s largest upi betting exchange and guarantees prompt deposits and withdrawals. Furthermore, they appear to permit unlawful Gpay withdrawals. They offer login details via Telegram, WhatsApp, and other channels. The same method is used to make payments. To play, you can use the website or the app for Sky Exchange.

It is apparently not an extremely trustworthy platform, and the casino industry also does not appear to be a huge admirer of the website. In forums, there are several complaints about it, but none of them are ever properly addressed.

Additionally, it is not a website that competes favorably with the many online casinos that offer games and betting to Indian gamers. A large number of these websites also serve as the main partners for cricket teams and competitions.

Several websites, including King Exchange, Lord Exchange, BetShah, and many others, provide substantial welcome bonuses in contrast to this site. Additionally, they provide crucial details about their operations and are quite open about their marketing. It is exceedingly difficult to get advice on legal elements and associated contract terms.

Why should you switch to Legal Alternatives?

Since Sky Exchange India is not meant to be reliable and good for the players, a number of them are switching to legal alternatives. These legal alternatives are not only easy to use but also ensure the safety of the players. Everything from making payments to deposits, and more is simple and hassle-free. conducted a review of this site and the specialists recommended that the website be utilized with caution. For those who are new to betting, it is definitely preferable to bypass this page and pick one that provides all the necessary data right away.

Legal Alternatives: What does it mean?


If you want to understand what legal alternatives to Sky Exchange app mean, this is the section that will answer it for you. Well, players who are interested in sports betting and gambling want to play at a website that is not only safe but is legal. When we say legal, we mean that a website should have a legal gambling license and the players should not face any difficulties when using it.

A legal website is one that secures all the data of the player. In addition to this, it ensures that the payments are safe and every player has a wonderful experience with the platform just like we see in other UPI Casinos in India. Until and unless a gambling website is not legal, it simply means that a player is not guaranteed the safety of his personal information and data.

Play without any risk at Skyexchange Alternatives


With Sky Exchange alternatives, a player can be ensured that he/she is going to have a great playing experience. In addition to this, there are a number of different games that are offered to Indian players. What else do you need? Before getting started, all you have to do is search for these alternatives. Once you find the alternatives, you have to register yourself, and then everything is good to go.

Remember to complete registration if you are willing to use the website. Without registering yourself you won’t be able to play any game. Speak to an agent if you need any help. The agent will try his level best to help you in the best way possible.

Another benefit of using this sites’ alternatives is that this website offers a number of features. The user interface is outstanding, the customer care service is always there to help, and the websites are designed beautifully. Any player who likes gambling in India would always like to have an experience that is safe and thrilling.

If you are someone who is using any of the Sky Exchange India alternatives, rest assured that you are in safe hands. There is no legal threat and you can start your gaming experience without worrying about anything.

Online Casino and Betting options available at Sky Exchange Alternatives


As we mentioned above, this is a website that offers sports betting and gambling to Indian players. However, because it is not reliable, a lot of them are not able to start their gaming experience. Players are in doubt if they should use the this app or ignore it.

Well, whatever the case is, there is nothing to worry about because we have reliable and legal online casino and betting options available at Sky Exchange alternatives.

Yes, you are reading this right. With alternatives like lord exchange, betshah, and more, no player has to worry about anything. The games that are provided are umpteen and the experience is enjoyable and worth remembering.

In addition to this, everything from withdrawals, deposits, terms, and conditions, bonuses, promotions, etc. is worth paying for. The alternatives know how to grab the attention of their customers yet provide an experience they have always been looking for.

Sky Exchange alternatives offer live casino games, Online Betting, Virtual Sports, and more. Henceforth, visit the specific website and begin today. We bet you are going to have the best time of your life, especially if you are into online gaming and sports betting.

Live Casino Games

At Sky Exchange alternatives, enjoy playing live casino games that will give you an experience like never before. Use your Sky Exchange id, and feel free to explore the live casino games that are available. These games are simple to play. You just have to see which one interests you the most. Once you know which game you want to play, use Sky Exchange id to login, and begin with the playing experience.

However, you can also try playing other games. Just make sure to make a minimum deposit of Rs 500, and the games you want to try playing are completely your choice. The live casino games that are available at Sky Exchange alternatives include Evolution, Pragmatic Play, One Touch, Lucky Streak, and so many more. With that said, let us now talk about virtual sports.

Virtual Sports

What if we tell you that Sky Exchange alternatives offer virtual sports? Yes, you are reading this right. The legal and trusted alternatives to this site offer virtual sports to the players. Select the alternative website of your choice, login to the same, and do not forget to explore the virtual sports section.

You will find everything from IPL, Hockey, Football, and more games to play. The playing experience has to be exceptional, and no player is going to face any inconvenience whatsoever.

Online Betting

Another wonderful collection of games that are offered by Sky Exchange alternatives is online betting. You can find games like Blackjack, Roulette, Jackpot, and more. All you have to do to play online betting games with Sky Exchange alternatives is using the login credentials.

Only then you will have access to the alternative of your choice. After that, make sure to explore the online betting section and start playing the game that interests you the most.

What do Gambling Experts say?

The very first, and most important, a warning sign is the proliferation of remarkably similar websites that appear when we Google “Sky Exchange.” Each of them has a unique domain name and security certificate. There is no way to tell which site is the real one because the landing page and licensing information are identical.

Also on, visiting other websites by following the hyperlinks on the homepage directs users away of any discussion of gambling licenses and certifications.

Second, the parent firm is a cause for concern. According to the website, the business was founded in 2017. But despite being up and running for so long, the website still appears to be in need of some work. There are many links that just take visitors to a webpage that reads, “Sorry, no data found.”

Even more concerning, it is totally absent from the website. Nevertheless, additional web pages and casinos are mentioned. Additionally, the website doesn’t really go into detail over how they truly operate or what they accomplish. The site on its own is risky all around.

Gamers should be concerned about Sky Exchange’s emphasis on delivering log-in information via chat apps as the key problem. You must text one of the provided digits in order to receive an ID that you may use to play those games; you can actually enter your details on the website. This is quite problematic because you must transmit your money and private information, like your credit card number, before you receive your login information.

On most platforms, client service representatives don’t get in touch with affected users and don’t request such information, nor for KYC.

This is due to the business’s storage of your identification as well as other confidential material, which is safeguarded so that contact center representatives cannot access it without creating a trail of evidence that would be constitutionally protected in the event of mistreatment.

This makes it quite doubtful as to whom you are transferring cash to, especially given that each Sky Approved vendor lists various contact information.

Additionally, as you are not directly engaging with the company but instead communicating with anybody on WhatsApp, you are theoretically unable to approach legal methods in the event of any disputes or problems.

Additionally, upon being approached, they came across as being totally disrespectful and nasty and withheld evidence that is documented on public sites in case further judicial difficulties arise.

5 reasons why we put Sky Exchange under the red flag category


There are a number of reasons why Sky Exchange is not used by the players and comes under the red flag category. Are you eager to know about the reasons? Here we go. The first reason why this site is not meant to be reliable is that it is not licensed. This means that the website does not hold a legal gambling license from the required authorities. Eventually, the players end up wondering if playing with this website is their safest bet or not.

Usually, players want to play with a website that is trusted. If a player ends up playing with a website that is not licensed and secure, this means they are putting themselves at risk. Henceforth, we recommend switching to Sky Exchange alternatives.

The second reason why it is not safe is that there is no information present at the site. When we say information, we mean that there is nothing mentioned about the terms and conditions. This makes it difficult for the players to gather all the imperative information.

For example, the website does not say anything about deposits and withdrawals. Therefore, no player has an idea about how much money should they be depositing. In addition to this, they do not know the procedure for depositing and withdrawing. This is again a very big red flag.

The third reason why it is not recommended is that even though there is a proper website made by the team, it still sends the credentials and other imperative over Whatsapp. We did our research and found out that some of the players have complained about weird numbers messaging them. This was why they never moved forward with the platform and decided to use some other gambling website.

Every reliable gambling website should send all the information to the players through email. This way it makes it simple and easy for them to have a record of everything.

The fourth reason why it is not recommended is that they do not provide the players with any bonuses or promotions unlike other websites like Betway and Casumo. The alternatives have mentioned everything about the welcome bonuses, promotions, and terms and conditions.

However, Sky Exchange does not offers any of it to the players which is why they feel demotivated.

The fifth reason why it is a red flag is that there are very limited withdrawals present per day. This means that if a player wants to withdraw more than needed, he/she will not be able to. This is not the case with alternatives to Sky Exchange because a player can easily withdraw an amount of their choice.

Start Playing Risk-Free


Sky Exchange is not a reliable website when it comes to playing online betting and gambling games. This is why we recommend every player explore alternatives to Sky Exchange and start their playing journey today. The alternatives are not only safe to use but they are also licensed.

Apart from this, its alternatives always offer some type of bonus or another. This is why the players not only stay interested but also have a chance to win. This keeps them attracted and their playing experience also gets better with time. Henceforth, think no more and play with Sky Exchange alternatives today.

Final Words

There is no denying that Sky Exchange is a wonderful website for Indian players when it comes to online betting and gambling. However, we do not recommend this website to the players because it is not reliable. Even though some of them say that Sky Exchange is safe to use, we recommend you conduct your own research before using this site. 

Every player who has a keen interest in online gambling should have access to a reliable website. This is why we recommend our players to make a smart move.


Is Sky Exchange legal in India?

Yes, Sky Exchange is legal in India. Any Indian player can play online gambling games with the website. However, since the website is not reliable, we do not recommend it at all whatsoever.

Why is there a need to find Sky Exchange alternative?

There is a strict need to find a Sky Exchange alternative because it is not a safe website to use. Even though it offers features like a user-friendly interface, there is zero information present about the website.

How secure are my payments at Sky Exchange?

Sky Exchange has not mentioned anything about deposits and withdrawals which is why we are not sure if the payments are secure.

Can Indian players bet on Sky Exchange?

As we have mentioned in this article that Sky Exchange has not mentioned anything about it, we are not sure if this website offers to bet to players.