Are UPI Betting Sites Legal in India?

Do you love to bet online? Well who doesn’t! Online betting sites have changed the entire outlook of Indian Punters. Now they can gamble at the comfort of their homes and still make money on online betting sites. These online betting sites have even made changes in their interface and payment method to introduce UPI transactions for an Indian player. But are UPI Betting sites legal in India at all?

There has always been this troubling thought among many Indian punters. And that has forced them to keep repeating the same question, Are UPI Betting sites legal?

There are many complications in the Indian rules and regulations for online betting sites. Any betting enthusiast who is making a wholesome amount of money via online betting sites will wonder if my earnings are legal or not.

It is essential to have all your facts clear before you start betting online. And not to have a single ounce of fear that gambling online is illegal.

About UPI

Before we begin and dive more into legality of UPI betting sites, let’s first understand the concept of UPI. Unified Payments Interface(UPI) is authorized by the National Payment Corporation of India. It is a payment method that allows users to transfer money into the bank account directly.

Users with registered UPI ID and address do not have to go through the usual bank procedures to transfer funds. Hence users are not required to remember long account numbers and IFSC Codes. There’s no need to add the receiver’s account number as a beneficiary and wait 24 hours to make the fund transfer.

With UPI transactions, the payee doesn’t even need to worry whether the receiver’s bank account is different or the same as the payee’s.

Online betting sites are offering UPI as the simplest payment mode and direct fund transfer to the bank account with any lengthy processing time. This has left players in awe and have also put more weightage on the question, Are UPI Betting sites legal?

So, are UPI Betting Sites Legal?

India has given each state the authority to make its betting laws. Even though betting is quite traditional in India, it is not clear whether each state allows players to bet on online betting sites or not.

Legalizing online betting sites is confusing because the Central Governments and State authorities entangle the betting laws.

Each state government has a different answer when asked the question, are UPI Betting sites legal in their state or not. There are some states that strictly prohibit online betting. But there are also states that allow players to play betting games that require skillsets.

Many states also encourage the citizens to bet online. This is because it coherently also helps the state’s economy in terms of income tax revenue.

The central government of India has a straightforward answer to the query, are UPI Betting sites legal? As per the Public Gambling Act 1867, betting and gambling are legal in India if the game requires a player’s skills. The bettings games whose outcomes are calculated by mere chance are punishable in India.

But, no objective test seems to have been formulated by any of the State and Central of India to speculate whether a betting game is won via a player’s skill set or by chance.

Hence, how can someone answer, are UPI Betting sites legal? It would help if you made your judgment and list your skills used while betting on a particular betting site.

If you can justify that a betting site requires a player’s skill set, then there are high chances that you are doing nothing illegal while participating on online betting sites.

UPI Betting Sites

What do UPI Betting Sites Offers?

Many online betting sites available for Indian players offer a vast range of betting games and live casinos. The UPI payment methods provided by these sites are an additional advantage.

Now Indian punters have a newly built trust for online betting sites offering UPI transactions for both deposits and withdrawals. Punters can now directly cash out their winnings to their bank account without going through a long processing time.

Online betting sites offer punters a whole range of other payment modes like Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe that are affiliated with the National Payment Corporation of India and have an option to make UPI transactions.

Now players can make UPI transactions on these online betting sites either via desktop or a mobile application. Online betting sites have made it super simple for players to quickly deposit their funds via UPI. It allows them never to waste time remembering the account details.

The option of UPI transaction on the majority of betting sites have made it possible not to disclose account details. You only need your UPI address and ID to earn money on betting sites now.

Can you Get Into Trouble by Using Betting Sites?

No, you may not get into trouble on legal terms while betting on online betting sites. Even though the answer to the question Are UPI Betting sites legal seems confusing. But there have been almost no cases of players getting into trouble for betting online.

The only kind of trouble you can encounter is fraud. Hence we would suggest you to check your network security and use high-quality antivirus software in your device to protect you from any fraudulent activity.

If you come across any error while making your UPI deposit and withdrawal, and the amount gets debited from your account, you don’t need to panic. The algorithm used in UPI transactions is highly efficient. Hence, your banking account will receive any debited amount in 7 – 10 business days.

Summing Up

It is beneficial for you to check the type of license and the terms and conditions of the betting sites before making your deposits.

Ensure that you know and are aware of all the rules needed to be followed to make your deposits and withdrawals.

Coming back to the question, are UPI Betting sites legal?, the majority of online betting sites are legal in many states. We would recommend choosing an online betting site that seems prevalent among Indian punters.

UPI transactions have saved players from taking up a considerable amount of time to enter account details. Also, most online payment methods available on offshore betting sites do not attract Indian players, and processing the money from Dollar to Rupee takes up a lot of time.

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